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Normisur Intenational has been featured in many articles over the years. We would like to share a few of our successes with you here. 

In this article, Celina Pagani-Tousignant and Asako Tsumagari discuss the steps Human Resources (HR) Managers can take in order to develop an effective corporate health and wellness strategy. They also provide a framework to follow with practical tools. HR managers will be able to design a health and wellness strategy that supports the company's direction as well as the needs of employees. In addition, HR managers will be able to elaborate a business case for the strategy in the language of CEOs and/or CFOs. 

The year 2014 is a big year for large employers to take drastic action in their health & wellness strategy. This is the moment HR managers will have to come up with a strategic framework for their health and wellness initiatives and guide other executives, such as the CEO and CFO, to the right decisions. It is a daunting task for HR managers because CEOs and CFOs have no domain expertise in health & wellness benefits.

In this article Celina Pagani-Tousignant and Asako Tsumagari give HR managers tips on how to speak the language of CEOs and CFOs and get approval for their health & wellness strategies.

Today the topic of corporate social responsibility is discussed worldwide. Big corporation have realized that they must act responsibly towards their customers, employees, suppliers, communities, etc. What is the role that companies should have towards society? How has this role changed from the past? What is the role of government and civil society? Celina Pagani-Tousignant responds to these questions and provides expert insight on the topic.

Volunteering can be a source of workplace satisfaction and skill building for older workers. It can also help them transition to retirement. Celina Pagani-Tousignant shares her thoughts on how voluteer programs can provide participants with life-long learning while expanding the skill set of the volunteer pool for the company.

Celina Pagani-Tousignant was part of the project team that worked on the report togetehr with representatives form the Sloan Center for Aging & Work at Boston College. Chronic disease and other related illnesses are on the rise worldwide. The study describes the approach that four mutinational companies-American Express, CEMEX, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and PPG Industries (PPG)-have taken to deal with these issues. The report provides useful information for employers that want to develop successful health and wellness strategies.