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Komunumo Ambassador, December 2014 in Partnership with RSE Venezuela

Celina Pagani-Tousignant, President of Normisur International, was invited to participate as an ambassador in a program entitled “Komunumo” for RSE Venezuela.  The purpose of the program is provide information to people in nine countries of successful social responsibility, sustainability and entrepreneurial initiatives using virtual tools. Celina in her role as Komunumo Ambassador has been the central figure in December. She supported the campaign entitled “Women at the Top” through interviews and a video that were published on the Komunumo webpage, a tone hour tweet chat about “The Empowerment of Women in Latin America”, and messages in social networks.

During the tweet chat, Celina provided global and local statistics about the gender gap at the workplace, the challenges ahead, actions companies can take to close the gap, and steps for women to accelerate their own advancement.

Celina also responded to the following questions:

a. What is the empowerment of women?

b. What Latin American countries are more advanced in this topic?
c. What barriers may stay in the way of women’s’ empowerment?
d. What can companies do to support the advancement of women?
e. What types of leadership styles women may have that inhibit their success in the company? Is there an ideal leadership style?